Paint Your Wagon, 1969

Baker, now named Baker City, served as headquarters for this production as it was being shot in the mountains about an hour out of town.  At one point early in the production, star Lee Marvin left the set to join some old timers for drinks and a few rounds of cards.  He was not to be seen again for two weeks or more.   Unable to continue the production, the cast and crew were free to do as they pleased until production resumed.  Some left the area, others stayed.  A member of the crew took advantage of the time to explore the area.  Passing through an old town featuring a traditional general store, he stopped.  Inside, Lee Marvin was found seated at a table with a few locals, quite possibly the entire population, playing cards.   He had been there since leaving the set.  Sleeping on a couch at the back of the store each night, he was thoroughly enjoying himself.  Production resumed in a few days after he was persuaded to give up the good life in rural Oregon and come back to work.