Facilities Design

A custom designed lectern with recessed monitors and user interfaces.  Not seen are the computers and related equipment located below the monitors.     Technical design, specifications, equipment acquisition, and instillation of presentation centers is a specialty.  Board rooms, training centers, recording studios, and research facilities using video and audio for data acquisition are among the projects that have been undertaken by Producers Studio.

The VCR is mounted below the pull-out computer keyboard.  On the right is the electronics rack for the theater style audio system and related digital control equipment.The facility pictured here accommodates proprietary satellite reception, internet connectivity, telephone and video conferencing, videotape playback, DVD playback, LCD projector, network connection, teleprompter, lectern microphones, wireless microphone, lavaliere microphone, guest computer interface, and theater sound systems.  The projection system, house lighting, individual microphone volumes, house master volume, and VCR functions, are all controlled from the small touch screen seen in the picture.